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Fifteen-year-old Jonas Hartley shouldn’t be having nightmares anymore, but that doesn’t stop them from coming. Then he meets the Reality Dreamers. Normally, Jonas would avoid this strange trio of teenagers, but when he realizes one of them is a mysterious girl he’s seen in reality, he decides to stick around for a while, curious about what they’re doing in his dreams.

But curiosity isn’t always harmless. The Reality Dreamers are hunted by dark beings called Entities, products of a dark world with many secrets. Too late, Jonas realizes he may have gotten himself into something much larger and much darker than he ever could have imagined...


                Super compelling, definitely makes you want to read more.

                                                                           - Maria Williams

Nice ending! Now I want to read the next book!

- Krista Lyn Whitaker

I found myself laughing at the sarcastic humor, smiling at the heartwarming scenes,

and on the edge of my seat during the suspenseful moments.

-Heather Frost, Author of the Seers Trilogy


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