K. M. Frost
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    REALITY DREAMERS              

        Fifteen-year-old Jonas Hartley shouldn’t be having nightmares anymore, but that           doesn’t stop them from coming. Then he meets the Reality Dreamers. Normally,                Jonas would avoid this strange trio of teenagers, but when he realizes one of them is     a mysterious girl he’s seen in reality, he decides to stick around for a while, curious           about what they’re doing in his dreams. 

       But curiosity isn’t always harmless. The Reality Dreamers are hunted by dark beings     called Entities, products of a dark world with many secrets. Too late, Jonas realizes           he may have gotten himself into something much larger and much darker than he           ever could have imagined...



  SLEEPING WORLD                 


        Jonas Hartley is still new to the Reality Dreams, but the dreams aren’t waiting for
    him to catch up. Just when the Reality Dreamers thought this strange, dark world
    couldn’t get any stranger, they stumbled into the Clinic, an eerie place filled with
    sleeping bodies and deadly secrets.

       Who are these sleeping people, and why are they here? The Reality Dreamers have
    too many questions and no one to answer them. But maybe that’s a good thing—
    truth can be dangerous.

       Darkness is gathering, and it’s time for Jonas to choose which world he wants to
    save. But the night isn’t over yet, and the world is about to get even darker...